Celebrating Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's Day

MAY 08, 2024

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our talented team at Ever New Head Office in Melbourne, Australia and learn more about what motherhood means to them. Read on to discover their personal stories.


Malak Kobeissi, General Manager - Planning and her Daughters, Mia & Sienna

Malak has been with Ever New for almost 12 years and her role is integral to Ever New’s buying, planning, and budgeting strategies. She loves working closely with her team who she describes as dedicated team players with "a bit of cheekiness thrown in". 

What is your favourite thing about being a Mom?

"The most cherished aspect of motherhood for me is the deep bond and love I share with my daughters. They are the most important thing in my life. Watching them grow and creating memories with them is the best part of being a Mom."

What is the best advice you have for moms juggling work and family? 

"Effective time management and learning how to prioritise your time are the two key elements. It’s crucial to set realistic expectations and communicate openly with your family and your employer about your needs. Remember to be kind to yourself, it’s okay to ask for help!"


Charlotte Spiden, Production Assistant, and her Granny, Lossie 

Charlotte started at Ever New almost two years ago and has worked her way up from a Marketing intern to Production and Stylist Assistant. She helps to organise all our shoots and loves travelling to locations; her favourite being this year’s Satellite Island shoot in Tasmania, Australia where she is originally from.

What is your favourite memory you have with your Granny?

"My favourite memory with Granny would have to be when I was a little girl and she took me into her social club in the city at Christmas time. We decorated a gingerbread house together. I remember being so excited because this room was full of lollies and cakes! I got to take the day off school, so, I thought that was pretty cool! It’s such a special memory and we still go into the city now for high tea and bubbles, such a fun day out."

Can you talk about how your family spends Mother’s Day?

"When I'm back down in Tasmania where my family live, we usually celebrate at home with a lunch or go for a picnic somewhere. The last few years, I have celebrated in Melbourne with Granny and her great grandkids, which is always fun."


  Thomas Roberts, Senior Buyer’s Administrator and his Mom, Kathy

Tom has been a part of the team for the last 18 months and has worked his way up from a part time position into a Senior Buyer's Administrator role. He is a part of our Dresses department and enjoys coming into work every day, where he gets to collaborate with people who inspire him.  

Can you tell us a bit about a favourite memory you and your Mom share?

"There are many, but I think one of the most memorable times of my childhood was moving to Australia with my Mum and my brother. Moving across the world was a big change and settling in [to Australia], we spent lots of quality time together, before our Dad arrived to join us."

What does Mother’s Day usually look like in your family?

"This year Mum will actually be overseas, visiting family and friends, for Mother’s Day, so we plan on doing something a little bit earlier. Currently, we’re looking at some new recipes or foods to try, so, it’ll definitely involve a lovely meal, coupled with lots of chat and laughter, of course."


Cherniece Scifo, Talent Acquisition Manager and her Mom, Pascale 

Cherniece is part of our People and Culture team and has recently stepped into a management role where she gets to lead an incredible team of recruiters. A passionate and positive influence around the office, her proudest moment at work was winning the Ever New Excellence Award in 2023.

How important is your Mom to you? How would you describe your relationship?

"There are so many words to describe my mom, but very few can truly explain the depth of her impact on my life and all that she means to me. She is not just my best friend, but my constant source of encouragement. Her gentle hugs and cheeky humour are the medicine I need to wipe away any bad day."

How has your relationship changed as you’ve grown older?

"In many ways our relationship has changed as I have grown up but in so many ways it has remained the same. As silly and child-like as this may sound, I still jokingly sit on Mum's lap when she comes to visit, call her when I’m sick, and seek her guidance on all things laundry and cooking. But as I have grown up, the love and respect that I have for her as a wife, mother, and grandmother has only grown."


Amber Lever, General Manager - Brand & Product and her Son, Julian

A part of the Ever New family for the last 5 years, Amber leads our creative team of Buyers and Designers. Passionate about product, her love of fashion and design is at the heart of everything she does. Recently becoming a Mom and returning to work, Amber's favourite thing about coming into the office is being surrounded by her amazing teams and other wonderful Moms. 

What has been the biggest learning curve of becoming a Mom?

"Becoming a Mom has been the most beautiful and one of the most challenging things to happen in my life. Something I underestimated was that you're not just birthing a new life, you're birthing the new person you become, yourself. I've learnt a lot about myself over the past 10 months and I've become a stronger woman because of it. I want to continuously be a better person for my little boy."

Can you tell us about a special moment you’ve had together as a family since baby Julian arrived? 

"There's been many, but if I had to narrow it down, my Mom was the one to teach Julian to crawl when she was out visiting over Christmas. Living away from family can be really hard as a new Mum - I'm from the UK originally - so, it's been a lovely memory to cherish; knowing Julian hit a big milestone with help from his Grandma. That, and discovering that Julian has the same great taste in reggae and soul music, just like Mum and Grandad!"


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